Length 1.6M ​USB Programming Cable for 8fun / Bafang BBS01B BBS02B BBSHD Mid Drive /eBike Motor Programmed cable

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Length 1.6M USB Programming Cable for 8fun / Bafang BBS01B BBS02B BBS03 BBSHD Mid Drive / Center Electric Bike Motor Programmed Cable

Cable has a comfortable length of 1.6 meters, to find your right place for computer and bike.

This USB programming cable allows connection of a PC and the mid drive motor electric bike kit in order to change the basic user level controller parameters,
this does not allow for changing of the firmware and is safe for you to perform.
You will NOT "fry" your motor by making changes to these parameters.
The changes have been made based on customer requests to improve the following complaints:
make the throttle act as a throttle should instead of like an on/off switch,
reduce current draw from 25 amps to 18 amps without impacting performance to increase battery and motor life,
enable full throttle in PAS levels 1-9, throttle over ride of max set speed limit (max speed only applies to PAS).
Compatible with BBS01B, BBS02B and BBSHD motors.

Packing list

1pcs lenght 1.6M USB Programming Cable

1*Programming software (Download by the yourself) you can search PSWPOWER on Google

1*USER manual (Download by yourself) you can search PSWPOWER on Google

The 1.6M cable will be connected to the controller, instead of the display. The battery has to be connected. The driver should be installed automatically and the software should be started as Admin (with right click). Click "Connect" and than "Read" to get the controller informations. Confirm your changes with "Write"

If the driver can't install automatically use HERE

Driver for other operating systems:LINK

If you have problems with Windows 10:LINK

The "how to buid manual" is already written in some forums and we sell you the components. Build your DIY programming cable as open source. See also the third picture here.

HERE you can download a advanced software program and some more infos

HERE you can find some genuine programming infos

You can use the display cable also to use your Bafang BBS motor without display. Connect the orange and brown wire together and the motor turns on. Use your throttle or 1-setting-PAS to drive around.HERE  you can find some more infos

We build the finished programming cable ourselves and test every single cable for function. If there is no connection to the controller, it is usually due to the driver. It's best to open the Windows device manager and see if there is a call-sign on USB. Especially Windows 10 installs the drivers themselves, but sometimes not the right ones.


in the download you can find the original Bafang data

we have updated the IC of PCBA on 2019/3/25, and test one by one before delivery, if you bought this USB before this day, and USB can not work, you can contact me, we will send new items free.


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